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Room operating unit, ecoUnit210...216

EY-RU 210...216

Room operating unit, ecoUnit210...216

How energy efficiency is improved

Individual setting of presence and absence as well as room setpoint correction and control of lighting and window blinds for optimum energy usage in the room


  • Part of the SAUTER EY-modulo 2 system family

  • EY-RU 216 can be extended with EY-SU 306 switching unit

  • Room operating unit with a wide range of functions, designs and colours

  • Device insert with transparent front, fits into frame with 55 x 55 mm aperture

  • Frame can be ordered as an accessory

  • Room climate can be adapted individually

  • Operating mode can be set for room occupancy and actuation of a 3-speed fan

ecos2 control unit,NTC,noframe
ecos2 control unitNTC, dXs, no frame
ecos2 control unit NTC,dXs, 2 buttons, no frame
ecos2 control unit,dXs, 4 buttons, no frame
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